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7 Tips for Successful Blogging
So, you have a blog! Do you have traffic? Do you know how to build traffic to your weblog? There are seven proven methods for building readership of your blog. Read More...

How To Boost Traffic To Your Blog
Let search engine index your blog and let people come to your fresh blog. Though you're in World Wide Web, nobody knows you're there. You need to pull kindly those who are potentially waiting for you but don't know where your are. Read More...

Recap on how to make money with your blog
Like most things, the amount of money you make will probably be in direct proportion to the amount of thought and effort you put into the process. Here are the steps

Recap on how to make money with your blog

Like most things, the amount of money you make will probably be in direct proportion to the amount of thought and effort you put into the process. Here are the steps

1: Create Some Blog

The first step is to create some Blog or Web pages. Don't look so dubious Web page creation is not as mysterious as it seems. The basics are easy to understand, and there are many tools (both free and commercial) available to help you. What's hard is coming up with the content for those pages.

When you think about it, the Web is all about content surfing the Web is just looking for stuff. With billions of pages out there, the competition for a surfer's attention is very stiff. The better your content, the more unique and useful it is, the better your chances that others will find it. That's why I'll be discussing creating good content finding something to say and saying it well before getting into the mechanics of actually creating Web pages.

2: Show Ads on the Blog

The second step is to show ads on those Web pages. Viewing Web pages doesn't usually cost the reader anything. Few sites can get away with charging for access to their material there's simply too much competing material already freely available on the Web.

If you can't charge for access to the material, how do you make money? It depends on the nature of your pages. If you're running a business that sells products or services, then the pages are indirect moneymakers. They're a marketing expense, a cost of doing business. But you don't have anything to sell. Or do you?

Well, actually, you do you have space on your Web site. You can make money by selling parts of your Web pages as advertising space. This is the same way that newspapers and magazines the classic pre-Web content services make most of their money.

3: Drive Traffic to the Blog

The third step is to increase the number of visitors, or traffic, to your pages. Just showing ads isn't enough: in most cases, you only make money when visitors click on the ads, and the ads will be clicked by only a small percentage of your page visitors. Increase the number of visitors, and you'll increase the number of clicks.

Find Your Rank
Google rankings are available at

This step sounds simple, but it's not. In fact, driving traffic to your pages is the hardest step of the process. With so many Web pages out there, the chances that someone will stumble upon yours by accident are small. Your best bets for traffic are to generate good word of mouth and to get your pages higher in Google's page rankings.

4: Monitor and Update the Blog

The final step is to monitor and update your Blog pages on a regular basis. This is the easiest step to perform, but it's an important one you want your visitors to keep coming back. If they see that your pages are current, that the content changes in regular and interesting ways, they're more likely to come back. You want them to come back. You want them to link to your pages from their own pages. You want them to tell others about your pages. Making sure your pages are always available and are always up-to-date will make this possible.

Monitoring your pages can also help you create new content. With a bit of work, you can usually figure out which search terms visitors are using to find your site. These terms and some of them may surprise you will suggest topics to focus on when creating new pages or updating existing pages.


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